Under 17 Driving Lessons with a 3 Counties driving instuctor

Learn to Drive before you are allowed on the road (underage driver training). Enrol on the unique under 17 driving courses (driving lessons from 15), offered by 3 Counties Driving Instructors within the safety of Eelmoor or Rushmoor Arena's Private Road System.

Instruction is given by FULLY QUALIFIED Driving Standrads Agency APPROVED DRIVING INSTRUCTORS (ADIs). Instructors teach the Official DSA Syllabus for learning to drive.

  • ALL Instructors specially insured for ‘under 17’ drivers
  • Structured training over 3 stages.
  • Dual controlled cars.
  • Manual Gearbox.

*Drivers who fully engage with the programme of study and training that this syllabus supports will be able to demonstrate: (DSA Syllabus)

  • their knowledge and understanding of the theory of safe driving
  • their ability to apply their theoretical knowledge and understanding while driving
  • their ability to reflect on their own driving performance and to recognise the need to take remedial action if appropriate

Pupils to make their own way to the circuit [See Tab: The Circuit - Location - meet us there]

*text taken from the official DSA Syllabus website


The Circuit - Location - meet us there

Under 17 Driving Course: The course is conducted on the private road circuit at the Rushmoor Arena. The Rushmoor arena road circuit consists of approximately 2 miles of road, complete T junctions and corners of varying degrees. Various gradients great for practicing hill starts..

Enrol on the unique courses offered by THREE COUNTIES within the safety of off-road facilities at Rushmoor Arena.

All stages of courses are conducted at Gate 6, Rushmoor Arena, Aldershot, Hampshire GU11 1PZ.


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A full under 17 driving course consists of Three Stages:

Stage 1
This stage is for moving off and stopping, hill starts and turns in the road. This will get you familiar with the clutch and steering control. We aim to get you into 3rd gear if possible.

Stage 2
This stage consists of the more complex junctions-we go into bay parking and reversing round the corner.

Stage 3
Now we have the foundations for learning to drive we build on them and try to get them to a higher standard.

These are not rigid stages, we move along at each individuals pace.

Prices and Contact Us

Prices £87.50 for two in a car for 2.5 hours or £70 per hour for the one to one. Minimum length of time is 1 hour 15 minutes £87.50. This lesson time can be extended to 1.5 hours or 2 hours.

For more information on booking arrangements and instructor availability contact the Course organiser:

David Isted
Landline: 01252 522008
Mobile: 07795 517994
Email: isteddavid@aol.com

driving instructors for under17




Daniel on the under 17 course.

Just a quick note to say thank you very much for your training of my Grandson Daniel yesterday. It was good to see him progress so quickly which was due to your excellent guidance.

Many thanks, Mick



2016 DATES for the under 17 driving course (All stages conducted on all dates)

  • Sunday 24th January
  • Sunday 13th March
  • Sunday 29th May
  • Sunday 31st July
  • Sunday 25th September
  • Sunday 27th November

Courses are conducted on SUNDAYS from 9.45am - 12.15pm.


Special events - Taster Day

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UNDER 17 DRIVING LESSONS?   Enrol in our unique under 17 driving course!